HERITAGE KNIFE COMPANY, div. Of Brown - Storie, Inc. was established as the Greene Machine Shop by Alvin Greene in 1918. Early in the 1920s, Alvin, acknowledged to be a genius by many in the machine tool trade and with numerous patents to his credit,
expanded his facilities to include the Manufacturing of knives for the paper bag and
newspaper industries.

In 1972 the former owners changed the name to Greene Machine Industries and focused solely on the manufacture of machine knives

In January, 1981 the enterprise was purchased by Merrill E. Storie CEO of Brown-Storie
Incorporated who continued to operate under the name Greene Machine Industries div. Of Brown-Storie, Inc. Mr. Storie immediately expanded the facilities in Watertown N.Y. to
accommodate additional manufacturing equipment.

In 1984 Greene Machine relocated to Balmat N.Y. The relocation was necessitated by the need for even more manufacturing space.

In May, 1990 Greene Machine Industries became
HERITAGE KNIFE CO. div of Brown-Storie Inc. to improve our identity as a manufacturer of industrial machine knives